Important note about MotionEyeOS (LiveCam Kit) and Pi Zero W

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Dear customers, 

(writing this in English, possibly others might benefit).

I wanted to upgrade the MotionEyeOS software we shipped, and tested the newest three releases. Unfortunately, they hang on the Raspberry Pi Zero W with the message "loading kernel modules". 

Therefore I will continue to ship the tested and working version. 

A problem with that version, however, is that it is not supported by the current Chrome Browser. You will see this, instead of the video stream:

A solution in this case is to use another browser. It works fine with the Internet Explorer. 

The author advises that the newer versions are incompatible with the older ones (partition layout has changed). 

We use:


In any case, if someone else uses MotionEyeOS and discovers a newer version than we use to work with the Pi Zero W, I would be happy to hear about it. 

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