BME688 & BME688 Shuttle Board Status

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As a partner of Bosch for distributing evaluation kits of the BME688 (the BME688 Shuttle Board), we're looking to support our customers with updates about this exciting new product. Continue to watch this page for the most recent news!


  • The BME688 is available immediately in quantity (if you need support with obtaining the BME688, you can contact us)
  • We have received a small quantity of the BME688 Shuttle Board (part of the evaluation kit) in advance, only one is left in stock currently - I have switched the page back to preorders
  • The BME688 shuttle board is expected end of March - we will ensure that all preorders will be able to ship (currently we have 40 Shuttle boards on backorder, I will increase the backorder as required) - we expect all preorders to be able to ship beginning of April

In case you need the evaluation board urgently, please let us know - possibly we can find a solution.

  • The BME688 AI software will be available tomorrow probably (18.2), I will link a version which is provided to us on this page. Future versions will be published on Bosch's sites, I'll also update you on this.
  • The datasheet for the BME688 will be available only towards the end of March - but we will receive a product flyer in the coming days, which I will share here as well

Finally, the Bosch BME688 website is online again.  I've also updated our product page with the technical information which is published on the Bosch page.

Bosch GitHub Repository:

The Bosch SensorTec Github repository has code for the BME688 Sensor API 

Share the applications you plan to develop with this sensor with us - exciting new times for gas sensing applications are starting now! 

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