Pi2Jamma JAMMA Adapter

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    Find here our famous Pi2Jamma project. This is one of our best products and of course always on stock. 
    Pi2Jamma let you play own roms on your arcade cab. Yes,  it is fully working with your arcade crt screen. No adapter are needed. This product is plug and play. 
    Pi2Jamma offers
    - native 15 khz video output,
    - direct lagless controls
    - sound amplifier with volume control
    - video amplifier for great colors
    - 6 Button Support for each player
    - Jamma interface. 
    No expensive and laggy hdmi,  vga,  cga adapters,  no laggy usb Encoder... Just Pi2Jamma :)
    No modifications must be done on your arcade cab like on other solution.
    You get 
    Pi2Jamma pcb
    Audio cable
    Download link for image 
    Select in the options a Raspberry Pi 3, SD card  and a 32Gb USB Stick.

    Find Documentation and Software like Retropie, Recalbox, Regamebox here

    Pi2Jamma Documentation strike-devices.net



    Find here a YouTube Review.


    Docs and needed Software.

    Features for Pi2Jamma console image:

    - Backup solution

    - Configuration of Key Setting, Video Settings, resolutions and emulator configs

    - Export and import of configuration files

    - Logging

    - support of external storage devices

    - access via SFTP, SSH und Shell

    - custom resolution ie 256:192 Sega Master System NTSC or  240p and other

    - Support of horinzontal and vertical screens in cabs and automatic game filtering

    - Preview Videos in advmame and snaps in other emulators

    - DRS Algorithm for Arcade games. Best matching resolutions will be taken for your choosen game.

    - Patch Management System

    - Reboot and Shutdown prozedures

    - Support of several thousand of games possible.

    - very active comunity

    - game selection menu was adapted for 15 Khz

    - Many themes


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