Code The Classics Volume 1

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Ein Buch von David Crookes & Andrew Gillet

Code the Classics

In the first of two volumes, we remake five classic video
games in the popular Python programming language.
Ranging from Pong to Sensible Soccer, each recreated
classic title represents a different style of game.
We interview the games’ original creators and learn from
their example, as well as utilise the art and audio engineering
skills of two of the 1980s’ most prolific games developers for
our recreated versions of the games.
In recreating classic games, readers are able to learn the
basic constructions of what made them such playable and
iconic genres, giving them a solid grounding that they can
build upon to create their own original games in Python.
All games will be open source and the code can be copied
from the page or downloaded.

internal code: MAG30


224 pages

ISBN: 978-1-912047-59-8

Raspberry Pi Press

 Über die Autoren:

David Crookes began his career as a journalist in 1994 and
has since written and worked for The Independent, The
Daily Mirror, BBC Radio 5 Live, The Times, and Retro Gamer,
among many others. His previous books include Cloud
Computing In Easy Steps and Facebook for Beginners In Easy
Steps. He also curated Videogame Nation, an exhibition
celebrating the rise of gaming, which toured the UK.

Andrew Gillett grew up with early computers such as the
ZX Spectrum, and was writing simple programs from
the age of five. Since then, he’s worked on games that
have sold millions, including Rollercoaster Tycoon 3,
Kinectimals, and Kinect Disneyland Adventures. After working
in the games industry for 13 years, he is now a computer
science/programming tutor and indie developer.

Hinweis: dieses Buch ist auf Englisch.

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